Monday, 24 May 2010


This week I'd like to give a nod to all the new etsy sellers out there. There are so many sellers who are still undeservedly undiscovered, so I've decided to highlight a few of them here by taking my favourite pick from their shop and givine you a little intro.

All these items have been in my treasury this week, although the treasuries are so short-lived that I wanted to give them a more permanent big-up here!

Firstly we take a look at the beautiful, bright landscapes of Geraldo Serrago from Milan. Visit his shop if you want to see more of his colourful acrylics, or even to brush up on your Italian!

My second pick is RennaDeluxe from Dusseldorf. Working with a mixture of paper, vintage stamps and fabric, Renna has some really original pieces. Her flower brooches are inspirational.

FelixMcGinley has created some truly impressive fine art prints. These landscapes are so dramatic and yet I find them really calm and peaceful at the same time.

Anka of FabulaDestash brings us some fabulous finds from a bag of vintage trimmings from 1970s Amsterdam. You won't find these items anywhere else!

I'm sure that Studio35 will not remain an undiscovered shop for long. These fabrics are just amazing... all items are created by the artist and her mother in Izmir, Turkey. I love the freshness of this swirly red and blue, reminiscent of the traditional Iznik tiles. Another favourite is their Hand Applique and Crochet pillow cover

What a clever idea - pdf stationery which you can print off yourself. And what a bargain! CreativeQube have some great ideas - something for every occasion - and I'm sure it won't be long before their talent is discovered!

These cute earrings from LeafyDesign are just one variation on their theme. These earrings are so unusual - I've never seen any like it. These fiery red ones are so versatile, they could be autumnal, Christmassy or hot and tropical for summer.

I have just fallen in love with this parisisal straw hat from TRAMPmillinery. It's so simple yet the classic navy blue lines give it real individuality. It is 30°C here in London today, so I really do need a hat like this.

LighthousePortraits take us on a tour of beautiful and historical lighthouses. Here we see the iconic Gay Head Light from Martha's Vineyard, depicted with acrylic on a slate tile. Bring a touch of the sea to your home!

This vase from NocturnesArt is just so unique - I've never seen anything like it and I still can't quite figure out how it was made! As a gift, or in your own home, this vase would certainly be a talking piece.

This tropical minidress from FiveTenTwenty is just adorable. I'm still so amazed that things from the 80s have come back in such a big way, but you can see why with this cute little dress. With its cinched in waist and cap sleeves, it would make the perfect holiday dress - also good for getting those legs brown.

Coffee or tea? Anek asks us. What a good question. If you get really stuck I guess you can use this print for "eeny meeny miny mo"! This stylish little print would make a nice addition to your kitchen.

That's it for my picks this week. I wish all these new sellers all the best of luck with their shops. With such fantastic items as these, I can't imagine that they will stay undiscovered for very long, and my blog post will soon be out of date!


  1. Believe it or not, it is very hot in Dublin today! Would love that beautiful sun hat now.

  2. thank you for your kind words, i loved your blog and i am very honoured you included my shop in it.