Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cupcake envy

My Wednesday morning commute through Hammersmith station is best described as frenetic, as I put my head down, pull up my collar and battle my way through the swarms of people. Newspaper men try their best to thrust copies of freebie papers into commuters' hands as we rush past, usually with a muttered "no thanks" and a shifty look. This morning I took a brief glance at the front cover of Stylist, suprised myself with an uncharacteristic "Mmmmm!" and grabbed a copy. And this is what I saw:

Firstly, the cupcakes. Look at how tasty they are! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, almond. I want to go out now and buy flour eggs and milk, make some butter cream, buy sugar roses... It's not even lunch yet and I'm fantasising about getting home and doing some baking.
Had I taken the time to eat a proper breakfast I might not have been so tempted by these lovely treats, but never mind. The headline also caught my attention. 'Turn your hobby into a business' was weirdly topical, as this is just what I was discussing with my friends over a glass of wine on Monday evening.
My etsy page has had only three sales so far... Three! In seven months! I often look at others' pages with envy - people with 200 or 300 sales - and wonder what I am doing wrong. How do they get out there and promote their wares? It must require a serious commitment: not only time but also money spent relisting their items. Not to mention the book keeping and accounting. I realised that making my accessories and selling them on etsy is still a hobby for me, but it's a great hobby.

Orchid Comb - Happy to make one, not one hundred

I still pleasure in making my individual items, enjoying the creative process and being proud of the finished product. If I had to make 20 of the same comb or clip the whole thing might lose it's appeal. I don't think I'm quite ready for the next step yet.
One last picture to keep us going til teatime:

Swirled strawberry & white chocolate cupcake courtesy of Lola's Kitchen

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