Sunday, 28 February 2010

DIY guide to PrettybyKitty's rosette clip

Feeling a little bit crafty this week? All you need to make this simple hair clip is a button, a scrap of your favourite fabric, a hair clip or pin and a needle and thread.

Step 1

Cut your fabric into a circle with a diameter of roughly 3 inches. Gather the edges into the middle and secure with a pin...


Step 2

Pick your button...

Buttons buttons buttons

Step 3

Stitch your button firmly to the material. This is a bit tricky as you don't want any of the edges you have so carefully pinned to sneak out from under the button.

Top tip: don't prick your finger like I do every time I sew

Step 4

Attach your rosette to a hair clip using either your needle and thread or a blob of fabric glue. Simples.

Voila - the finished product.

This cute little hair clip is currently available through the

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